What to expect in class

Martial arts is about so much more than learning how to kick and punch. At Chi Combat System Academy, we understand this, and as such, we place equal emphases on the physical aspects as well as the inner teachings of mind, body and spirit.

Apart from teaching effective self-defence, our class structure builds a strong foundation of discipline and mutual respect. Our lessons instill important life lessons that will stay with all our students throughout their lives: courtesy, respect, discipline, patience, perseverance, tolerance towards others. Our positive and upbeat lessons aim to teach children not only the ABC’s of self-defence, but also the ABC’s of life: Attitude, Behaviour and Character.

Our equal emphases on mental, emotional, and physical development, helps our students achieve much more than just improved fitness. The following are just a handful of areas where our delighted parents on all sites have noticed massive improvements in their children:

◦Focus and concentration
◦Confidence and self-esteem
◦Grades and school reports
◦Respect for others and for themselves
◦Fitness, coordination and flexibility
◦Transferable leadership and teamwork skills
◦Overall sense of wellbeing
◦Awareness of anti-bullying strategies
◦Effective self-defence
◦Sense of responsibility, including a willingness to help around the house!

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