Adult and children classes

Chi Combat System is a full workout for your body and mind. Our adult martial arts classes focus on using a blend of tried and tested techniques to improve your fitness, combat everyday stress and leave you feeling healthy and re-energised.


With the Chi Combat System after just a few classes you’ll find yourself feeling better physically and mentally.
Focus Strength Stamina Energy Confidence

You will find you have:

• Improved stamina and strength
• Boost in your self-confidence
• Feeling positive within yourself both physically and mentally
• Confidence that you can protect yourself should the need ever occur

All resulting in a healthier and more fulfilling way of life.

Class structure

Classes are friendly and suitable for any age or gender. We have a non-contact sparring policy amongst beginners whilst allowing our experienced students to make contact through blocking drills and using focus-pads and shields. We keep our adult classes challenging for you by varying the practices each week, meaning you continue to develop your techniques but also get an enjoyable and challenging workout.
During the classes some of the techniques you can expect to learn are:

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At Chi Combat System Wimbledon we want students to feel comfortable and enjoy the classes, so we give you the opportunity to try a class before you make a commitment to join our Academy.

We have classes every week in Wimbledon. Joining a class will give you the chance to see how our classes run, the value of our programme and to speak to our instructors about your goals.

There’s no uniform or experience required during the first class and everyone is welcome so book your class now by calling us on 07887398903 or use the form below. We’ll call you back just to confirm a few details and then you are ready to go!


Chi Combat System© Wimbledon has designed the children’s martial arts classes to be character building and to promote a healthy lifestyle as well as develop traditional martial arts skills.

We believe by instilling core values in children from as early as possible we give them the tools be successful and achieve their goals in life. Your child will learn attributes associated with discipline, compassion and leadership. We do our best to support parents and guardians in the well-rounded development of their children by imparting some of the necessary characteristics for success through the many belt levels within Chi Combat System Wimbledon and the future. Alongside the martial arts practices anti-bullying tactics are taught.


Chi Combat System helps to improve your child’s power of concentration and self-control, builds self-esteem, create a positive attitude and induces more respectful behaviour at home and in school. Providing a full cardiovascular work-out the programme promotes healthy living from an early age.
Long-term benefits have shown to increase in motivation, persistence and a greater desire to achieve goals.

Class structure

Our children’s martial arts programme is friendly, fun and suitable for any age or gender. We have a non-contact sparring policy amongst beginners whilst allowing our experienced students to make contact using blocking drills, focus-pads and shields. We keep classes challenging for your child by varying the practices each week, making sure they continue to develop whilst enjoying the workout and developing techniques.

During classes some of the techniques taught are:

Photos, photos

Join us for a trial class!

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