Wimbledon & Raynes Park Martial Arts Academy – Adults & Children

Wimbledon & Raynes Park Martial Arts Academy is part of the worldwide organization Chi Combat System Martial Arts School with locations in the South East of England, Geneva, Switzerland and Germany.

Set up by our Chief Instructor Sabumnim Edwin van der Pol, with full support of CCS Founder Master Allison, see photo below:


Chi Combat System Wimbledon Martial Arts School offers inspirational martial arts classes. CCS curriculum is developed taking the most suitable and useful moves from the best of tried and tested martial arts techniques to bring you the best modern day martial arts system available today.

Wimbledon Martial Arts Academy is founded on the principles of healthy living through martial arts.

Our goal is that our students are learning, happy, confident, support each other and share in the successes of our schools. The friendly environment makes classes perfect for beginners and advanced students alike. We encourage students to take the techniques and philosophies learned during classes into every aspect of their life.

There are opportunities through our Leadership Program for students to become Instructors and Junior Instructors offering the chance to develop skills that will support them inside and outside of martial arts practice.

Join us for a trial class!

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